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Ottawa to allow slaughterhouses to process already dead animals

May 14, 2012 Toronto Star 

OTTAWA—The federal government wants to allow the carcasses of already dead animals to be processed in slaughterhouses for human consumption, a move that is raising concerns about the safety of Canada’s food system. The Conservative government is pitching the change as a way to cut red tape and provide greater flexibility to slaughterhouse operators.

But the New Democrats are raising a red flag saying the move invites possible “contamination” of the food supply. “Under the present regulations . . . it has to come in alive, be slaughtered on site,” said NDP MP Malcolm Allen (Welland), the party’s agriculture critic. “Now you can bring in dead stock. It’s okay to bring in that animal into a slaughterhouse, have it cut, wrapped . . . for human consumption. “The real fear is how did it die, (and) under what circumstances did it die.”

The proposed changes to Meat Inspection Regulations, outlined in the Canada Gazette, would allow “greater flexibility” to the activities that can be carried out in federally regulated slaughterhouses. Current federal regulations do not allow meat to be processed from animals slaughtered outside of a registered slaughterhouse.

Now the government is proposing to make exemptions to that rule for animals that cannot be transported to a slaughterhouse alive because they are too aggressive to move or because they are injured. “It is proposed to amend the (meat inspection regulations) to allow into registered establishments carcasses from food animals slaughtered elsewhere . . . following a detailed ante-mortem examination by a private veterinary practitioner,” the proposed rules state.

“Such an amendment would be extremely useful for industry in a number of situations, such as when injured animals cannot be transported alive for welfare reasons; or when animals are dangerous, aggressive or difficult to handle and cannot be transported.”

A vet would have to inspect an animal prior to slaughter to confirm it could not be safely transported, as well as determine if the animal is fit to serve as food. The vet will also certify the date of the slaughter and method. Allen said that rule change risks allowing the food supply to be contaminated by “dead stock.”

“You wouldn’t know by looking at it and nor would the label tell you it’s dead stock because I’ll guarantee you if the label said dead stock, you would never buy it,” Allen said. “All the regulations before about dead stock not being consumed by humans is for a reason and that was to protect our health,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency cited the example of an animal suffering from a broken leg. “The cow could be slaughtered on the farm and after inspection at a federally registered establishment can be processed. This meat would be eligible for retail,” Guy Gravelle said. “As for concerns that this amendment may allow unfit animal into the food supply system, this would not be the case.”

“CFIA inspectors, including veterinarians, are present daily during operations at federally registered establishments to verify that food safety requirements are met. All carcasses are individually inspected to protect the health and safety of Canadians,” he said in an email.

That was echoed by Meagan Murdoch, a spokesperson for Agriculture Minster Gerry Ritz, who called the rule change “common sense.” “This does not affect food safety,” she said.

Comments: Stephen Harper, the mad neo-conservative is about to make slaughterhouses even more de-regulated. He is giving $3 million of taxpayer’s money to Quality Meat Packers as part of his $60 "Slaughter Improvement Program", has cut the number of meat inspectors & now this. So now they are anti-public health in a more obvious way!  

- The federal Conservatives should be tested for mad cow disease: Something is obviously eating what passes for their brains 

- Famous last words: “This does not affect food safety,” said Meagan Murdoch, a spokesperson for Agriculture Minister  

- They are trying to kill us: One by one this Harper Government is trying to kill us! Rules & Regs are in place for a reason

- Clearly...: The advantage to cattlemen who will donate to the Conservatives outweighs any lives that may be lost 

- There are too many shifty people in business to trust this change will not cause trouble.  And most of them are friends with Harper and his gang. Why do you think this measure is being implemented? Pink slime for everybody! 

- This is a terrible decision by the Government to allow dead stock for human consumption. This is absolutely disgusting and unhygienic. I swear I will become a vegan if this goes through. I pray that this bill is defeated. Where do I sign up to stop this? 

- The bottom line here is that the animal will not be bled properly during the butchering (killing) process as the heart is no longer beating. This in itself will lead to a product that will not sell to the public.

NB: The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association says in a May 15 press release it strongly supports this proposed change to the federal meat inspection regulations. The Canadian Federation of Agriculture echoed its support. Naturally, farmers want to avoid any monetary loss and this change would allow for the salvage of an animal unfit for transport under current regulations. (the matter of enforcement is a topic for another day)

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Crammed into overcrowded trailers and forced to endure gruelling conditions in all weather extremes without food, water, or rest, every year in Canada more than 8 million farmed animals arrive at slaughterhouses dead or so sick or injured that they must be killed. (March 2016 news item)

Slaughter reports from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reveal that we killed at least 750,409,569 land animals for food in 2015.

Please visit our Government page for contact info.

April 5, 2017 Federal animal slaughter regulations will be replaced by the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations. The public has until April 21st to provide feedback. As well as sending an e-mail to Dr. Richard Arsenault, we copied it to CFIA President, Paul Glover, and Health Minister, Jane Philpott. The CFIA, in conjunction with Health Canada is responsible for food safety.

Mercy for Animals has also created a petition you can sign. It is vital that we speak up for the animals. Sadly, the law allows for an incredible amount of animal suffering if it is profitable, and government continues to subsidize such cruelty.  

End the Cruelest Slaughter Practices in Canada 

MFA for Change.org

To: Executive Director, Domestic Food Safety Systems and Meat Hygiene Directorate, CFIA Richard Arsenault

Dear Mr. Arsenault:

The proposed amendments to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, as they relate to slaughter, do not go far enough to protect farmed animals.

Please amend the proposed regulations to require that all facilities do as follows:

- Replace live-shackle slaughter methods for poultry with less cruel controlled atmosphere systems that eliminate the horrific suffering caused by shackling, shocking, and cutting the throats of conscious animals

- Provide comprehensive training in animal handling and identification of illness and injury in animals for all employees

- Stop the production line for mishandling of an animal or for failure to render an animal unconscious before slaughter and issue dissuasive fines and penalties for noncompliance

- Ban the use of electric prods and other cruel devices

- Install cameras that live stream to the internet to deter malicious animal abuse

The CFIA has an obligation to uphold its mission to safeguard animal welfare. Not only do the proposed regulations allow for blatant animal abuse; they are also out of step with societal expectations.

Please act quickly to update the regulations to ensure animals are spared from the worst forms of cruelty

Read more: January 18, 2017 France Passes Bill Mandating Cameras for Every Single Slaughterhouse By 2018, each one of them will be equipped with CCTV.  L214’s video of the horrors is largely responsible for this breakthrough.

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