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Activism going to the dogs
By John Martin Chilliwack Times  

There was a time when social activism was an admirable undertaking. Dedicating one's self to the greater good and seeking to make a positive change are among the most redeeming of human qualities.

But activism has become virtually indistinguishable from Clown College in recent times. The anti-globalization misfits that disrupt and vandalize World Trade Organization gatherings are little more than overgrown juvenile delinquents with bad haircuts and questionable hygiene. Similarly, the loonies that have taken over the environmental movement look more foolish every day as they stumble from one logging site to another with their bongos and skateboards in hand. And now the animal protection movement has become a pitiful parody of itself.

First it was an animal rights activist group forcing the SPCA to cancel a fund-raising event in Prince Rupert. Apparently with too much time on their hands, the whining protestors lambasted local SPCA organizers for planning to serve fresh crab at the event. In a scene that could have come out of a Monty Python skit, Sea Shepard Conservation Society founder Paul Watson, lectured "Crabs do indeed feel pain and I hope this decision will make people more aware that we must respect all animals, not just the cute and cuddly ones."

Fearing a backlash, the SPCA capitulated. The crustaceans have been liberated. Some busybodies were even encouraging more humane methods of cooking crab. Let's be perfectly clear on something here. There is only one way to cook a crab: you boil the Hell out of it.

Feeling pretty cocky, the animal rights brigade is now demanding the SPCA stop barbecuing meat at all fundraisers. A number of such events are scheduled throughout the province but the do-gooders are determined that only vegetarian fare be served.

A barbecue without meat. Right. Reminds me of the Irish folk tune, "The Pub without Beer." I can just see all those donors lining up for their grilled tofu and carrot juice. That event ought to fill the coffers to the brim.

Now the North Shore based, The Canadian Voice for Animals, has posted a petition urging people to protest "the eating of other animals to raise money to help save dogs and cats and all cuddly animals" at SPCA events. What part of "get a life" do these people not understand?

There are numerous legitimate and worthy campaigns protesting animal cruelty including puppy mills, leg hold traps and the seal hunt; none of which have any place in a civilized society. People who commit themselves to ending such cruel practices are to be commended. And it's important to distinguish such dedicated and thoughtful citizens from the aforementioned protein-starved, granola heads trying to crash a crab fest.

But once again, it would appear activists are giving activism a bad name. Contact criminologist John Martin at the University College of the Fraser Valley. John.Martin@ucfv.ca. published on 09/12/2006

Chilliwack Times

Published: September 19, 2006
Martin's juvenile rants offensive


John Martin's opinion reflects more about him than it does the activists and their causes.

Character assassination and derogatory terms such as "loonies" and "misfits" indicates a man who is not only intolerant but also disrespectful and narrow minded. It also further supports the position that knowledge or education doesn't make one wise, virtuous or compassionate.

And, by the way, boiling live crabs or any such other cruel acts perpetrated on defenseless animals has no place in civilized society.

So, Mr. Martin, rather than engaging in juvenile name calling, why not broaden your thoughts, sit down, and try some "grilled tofu and carrot juice?" Who knows, you may "get a life."

Carmina Gooch
North Vancouver

Excerpt from 'Voice of the Outdoors' column, January 23rd, 2009 in Whitehorse Daily Star:

'BC animal rights group wants to cancel the Yukon Quest'

I have known for some months now that this BC animal rights group is spending money in written promotions to close down the Yukon Quest sled dog race. These animal rights groups have a lot of money to spend on propaganda, but I fail to find one conservation project here in the Yukon that would ensure habitat improvement for wildlife.

Let's really examine the working of this group. Many of these grouops are part and parcel of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and follow their ways and means of attacking such things as the Quest, including hunting and fishing.

A few weeks ago, I wrote of a release from the FBI showing that an animal rights group in the U.S. has been raiding mink ranches in the States and now in BC, smashing ranch pens and releasing thousands of mink in the wild that would be devastating to ground nesting birds as well as small animals. Its members also burned down a large warehouse and factory that stocked feed for the mink ranches.

This, according to the FBI, was a million-dollar fire. This particular group is on the wanted list of the FBI, which includes a sizable reward for its members capture. Meanwhile, PETA's most recent marketing campaign is to now call fish "sea kittens"; Some may laugh, but it is no joke. Some adults are actually telling small, innocent children that fish are "sea kittens".

When the Canwest News Service interviewed Ashley Byrne, PETA's campaign co-ordinator, she commented, "A lot of people don't realize that fish are capable of feeling pain; that they developed relationships with each other and even show affection by gently rubbing against each other."

Admittedly, I have seen a northern pike ease up beside a small whitefish - only the pike ATE the whitefish. It is not a laughing matter, as the promotion of "Bambi", the cute little deer, has done more harm to wild deer and wildlife that any possible good. BAMBI DOES NOT EXIST.

It is a figment of the imagination and a make-believe fallacy by the misinformed who are attempting to pass it on to young, innocent children, plain and simple. For an adult to pass on lies to small children is the most harmful thing they could do to the welfare and future of wildlife in Canada or the world.  If any fish, hunting or outdoors group does not think this group has power, inroads into the politics and the money to accomplish its means and ends, they are badly misinformed, as well as being misled.

I have a list of their accomplishments. If you are a business owner in the Yukon and reading this, I would encourage you to call the Yukon Quest office in in Whitehorse at (867)668-4711 and offer your sponsorship.

Show this BC anti-Quest group that this is THE YUKON, not BC. Remember, the anti-Yukon Quest of BC, as well as some undisclosed sources in the Yukon, will be going to any means to halt this tradition of the north. Let's do our part to help the Quest.

Your columnist should ‘wake up’

Published: Whitehorse Star on January 26, 2009
Re: “Voice of the Outdoors” rant, Star, Jan. 23.
I find Murray J. Martin’s rant in the “Voice of the Outdoors” column offensive and without any credibility.
To imply that animal rights groups are somehow all connected, monied, and do nothing but misinform children or release minks is downright ludicrous.
There are many people in this day and age worldwide who are enlightened and respectful of all creatures and the environment.
We’ve evolved in our thoughts and recognize that animals are not resources to be exploited for our own selfish wants.
Wake up, Mr. Martin: fishing, hunting and the Yukon Quest are but some examples of activities that have no place in a civilized society.

Speaking from British Columbia,

Carmina Gooch
North Vancouver

Comment:  Please voice your objections to the media and columnists when op-ed pieces like the above are printed.  Challenge mainstream media and ideas and be a voice for change.  Speak out for animals and the environment.  The planet and its inhabitants aren’t ours to use and abuse.

Watch EARTHLINGS, a deeply disturbing documentary from 2003 about ‘humanity’s’ absolute dependence on animals – for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research.  It illustrates our utter disrespect for these so-called “non-human providers,” and is complete with graphic images of horrendous animal abuse by ‘humans.’ We’re tyrants of the worst sort—You’ll never be the same.

Dogs rescued from illegal Taiwanese meat factory brought to B.C. 

December 29, 2009  By Judith Lavoie, Victoria Times Colonist

Wrong Story: Perhaps the story of the Canadian police officer killed in the line of duty deserves to be your top story rather than these dogs from Taiwan? NO?

Carmina: 1:38 PM To "Wrong Story." Why would you think this article shouldn't be the "top story?" This is great work that these people are doing for the dogs and they are to be commended. Animals and their lives do matter and they are all equally important members of society. Compassion and good deeds have no boundaries.  I'm sure if this was the hell you were in, you would want to be saved. 

Thankfully, a couple of other comments were similar to Carmina’s.  Others thought we should boycott Taiwan, while some supported the 'culture' right. 

Comment: Society’s attitudes regarding animals are still, as a whole, unenlightened, in all countries of the world.  While some people get it, most don’t.  Animal exploitation and abuses are rampant everywhere.  Whether it’s our arrogance, ignorance, sense of entitlement, culture, religion, tradition, or politics, the human species is truly a despot, ruling over the Earth, without consideration for all other inhabitants of the planet.  No matter how we try to justify our oppression and use of other creatures, we can’t. Our selfishness and greed will be our downfall.  Contrary to prevailing thought, animals aren’t resources, things, or property.  They are lives; sentient beings.  

Sometimes the media features an animal story, whether it be that of a rescued or neglected being in need of help or of one who has been helped.  Regrettably, we get the predictable comments that there’s a human interest story that should be given preference or worse yet, that the story isn’t newsworthy.  Sympathy and understanding of the plight of the voiceless victims is sorely lacking, and reflects an arrested state of moral development.  Turning a blind eye, and not speaking out against such entrenched beliefs, will only ensure that justice and an elevated societal status will elude our animal friends.  It is our duty to take individual action in order to create a collective movement for change.

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'When so much mistreatment of animals continues, when the cries of thirsty beasts from our railway cars die out unheard, when so much brutality prevails in our slaughterhouses, when animals meet a painful death in our kitchens, when animals suffer incredibly from merciless men and are turned over to the cruel play of children, WE ALL BEAR THE GUILT FOR IT. Albert Schweitzer on "Altruism"