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Canada to sell 10,000 dairy cattle to Vietnam

December 6, 2013 The Western Producer

Canada expects to seal a deal with Vietnam to sell 10,000 dairy cattle to the country’s largest dairy plant operator, agriculture minister Gerry Ritz announced Dec. 5. The Canadian Livestock Genetics Association (CLGA) has been negotiating the deal with TH Milk. After a trade trip to the Southeast Asia country last week, Ritz said he had confirmed a deal is in the works.

It is expected to be worth up to $20 million for the dairy industry and will be the largest export sale of Canadian dairy cows in a decade and the largest ever to Asia.

Ritz said the Canadian government has been working with CLGA to promote Canadian cattle in the Vietnamese market. “Vietnam holds great potential for growth in the dairy sector and it is no surprise that Canadian dairy cattle are being eyed for this deal given their world-renowned recognition for superior quality,” he said in a news release announcing the impending deal.

CLGA executive director Michael Hall praised the government for its market development support. “An order of this magnitude is excellent news for our industry and demonstrates confidence in our national herd and the high regard for Canadian dairy genetics,” he said in the release.

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