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Another horrific case involving a rabbit

Friday, May 02, 2008 Comox Valley Echo (on the Readers’ Forum in response to “Dead rabbits strung up in Marina Park”) 

SUNDAY MORNING April 27, I took my dog for a run at the Marina. He ran to the Gazebo by the washrooms and started sniffing around one of the trees which is planted adjacent to the Gazebo. To my horror in the planted tree was a mutilated rabbit hung by its neck. This rabbit suffered horrifying pain before it died. Now I do not know if it was one person or several but it is really unfortunate that your Mom/s and/or Dad/s did not inform you that you are pretty much A WASTE OF SKIN. Get out of our town. This type of crap is not only not permitted but not tolerated.

Comment:  Agreed. Sick, deviant behaviour perpetrated upon defenseless and vulnerable creatures is criminal.  While our cruelty laws aren’t strong enough to mete out penalties severe enough for these low-life morons, it’s no wonder that people are beginning to dispense their own brand of justice.  

Rabbit ripper shocks Germany 

July 9, 2008 Steve Rosenberg BBC News, Witten  

Comment:  Humans are the most vicious and cruel species of the planet.   This is a sadistic and cowardly act of immense proportions.  Whoever is committing the crimes ought to be put to death. 

Upsetting the balance of nature 

July 17, 2009 Edmonton Journal  

Magpies are the obnoxious uncles of the bird world; they insist on squawking at the top of their lungs. As the many people who've been rudely awakened by their cacophonic caws can attest, magpies don't keep quiet merely because nobody wants to hear from them. But that doesn't mean they should be shot. It's astonishing that in the 21st century St. Albert hired a wildlife control officer last month who killed 27 magpies and their crow cousins with a 12-gauge shotgun.

While the officer says safety is his top priority and he only fires at birds in trees with nothing behind them, one hopes no one is in the wrong place at the wrong time. The city said the cull is needed mainly to protect robins and songbirds from the omnivorous corvids, but it also reduces noise that was waking people in the morning and making it hard to sleep.

Neither of those arguments is impressive. Magpies are a native species that has interacted with and occasionally eaten the eggs and babies of other birds in Western Canada for hundreds of years. It's part of the natural cycle, the same as wolves taking down deer and coyotes dining on rabbits.

The danger to songbirds comes from human activity. Habitat destruction is a major culprit in their demise, along with the highrise buildings into which birds crash during migration periods and a ferocious predator people have introduced-- cats.

As for the noise magpies produce, that's in the ear of the beholder. It's certainly irritating to be regularly woken at sunrise, but there are many other birds that also serve as unwanted alarm clocks. The persistent trill of an early-morning robin has pulled many unhappy Edmonton residents out of bed before their time. Experts point out other problems with culling magpies. For one thing, it doesn't work, because new members come to replenish the flock.

However, shooting them takes away a food source from owls, hawks and other birds that eat the magpie young, possibly doing unintended harm to these species. It can also be counterproductive. Research indicates dominant magpies control breeding in an area, but if those birds are killed this could lead to more youngsters having more babies and that means more noise.

The best way to reduce a flock is by making your property less attractive. Keep garbage in a sealed container, feed pets indoors and pick up any scraps that can provide a tasty meal to an unwanted neighbour.

Edmonton officials annually shot thousands of magpies and crows to control their populations before stopping in the 1980s. St. Albert should give up this misguided attempt at wildlife management as well.

Comments July 18, 2009 Carmina Gooch  

People are such idiots.  A far better idea than killing off these so-called pests or nuisances is to get rid of the complainers.  The human population is in dire need of culling, anyhow. 

Above wasn’t printed online even though I sent it twice.  The third time I asked why and suggested it was because of the human population remark.  I never got a reply from anybody at the Journal. I sent the following using ‘Darlene’ and it went up right away.

Comments July 23, 2009 Darlene: Who endorsed the murder of these birds?  Once again despicable human arrogance and action is the order of the day. 

Woman, 75, charged with beating fawn to death  

By Associated Press & Ohio.com

Carmina, Vancouver, BC Posted 2:51 AM, 07/20/2009 What a pathetic loser. Someone should do the same to her. Sick! Sick! Sick!

Euclid woman, 75, charged in fatal beating of fawn

July 01, 2009 By Jeff Piorkowski, Euclid Sun Journal (Cleveland, OH)

Carmina G.Care2 Tuesday July 21, 2009, 4:13 pm What unbelievable cruelty! That poor little fawn. A despicable, sick, pathetic old bat whose life should be terminated. 

Extremely ill horses, hens, ducks seized from Powell River farm  

July 20, 2009 Carmen Chai, The Province

Three Clydesdale horses, four hens and four ducklings have been seized from a Powell River acreage by B.C. SPCA cruelty officers after they were found suffering from various maladies. A search warrant was obtained to check on the animals when owners refused to let the SPCA search the property.

During the search, a 14-year-old Clydesdale gelding was found infested with external parasites and suffering from an eye tumour. The infection was so severe that the surrounding tissue was inflamed and pus streamed down the horse’s face. A surgeon will determine whether the tumour can be successfully treated.

Another gelding was also suffering from external parasites. The third horse, a 30-year-old mare, was suffering from parasites and exposed open sores on her legs. Her foot was wrapped in electrical tape. “It’s beyond me how anyone can allow their animals to get to this point,” said SPCA special provincial constable Tina Heary.

Two of the hens taken into custody were so weak and frail that they could not stand on their feet. They died within 24 hours of being taken into custody. Necropsies will be performed to determine how they died. All the surviving animals are under veterinary care. Heary, who led the investigation, previously issued written orders to the owners of the animals to provide proper care.

A veterinarian who went to the property in May also made a list of recommendations. The horses were living in stalls packed with uncollected manure, and the chicken barn was littered with rotting vegetables, chicken excrement and chicken bones. The SPCA investigation is continuing and animal cruelty charges are pending.

Carmina, July 20, 2009 - 9:14 AM Animal cruelty laws won't even come close to fitting the punishment that should be meted out by the Courts. May other forms of justice befall these ‘owners.’

Texas authorities investigating possum family slayings

July 10, 2009 ksdk.com St. Louis’ Home Page, Patrick Donovan   

NBC -- Officials in Mesquite, Texas are investigating the gruesome slaying of a family of opossums. The killing occurred in front of a group of young campers. No animal cruelty charges have been filed in the incident, which occurred last week at Camp Rorie Galloway, a summer day camp for children ages six to 12. Camper Sammy Masters said the counselor snapped the possum's back on the first swing. The second swing cut the animal's leg off, and the third cut its nose and neck, he said.

Some parents said they are upset over what their children witnessed, and city officials are investigating what happened. "They shouldn't have done that," said Barbara Pool, whose 11-year-old grandson saw the attack. "It was uncalled for." "I think there was some fear, some anger and just not sure how to treat a wild animal," said Mark Hindman, assistant city manager. He said he hopes to better train teenage counselors on how to appropriately handle wild animals.

After the marsupial was found in a garbage can, an adult camp counselor put a lid on the can and left to contact animal control, according to The Dallas Morning News. The newspaper reported that it wasn't clear how the animal got out of the can.

Hindman told the publication it jumped out when someone removed the lid and then jumped on a boy. One of the several teenage counselors who were with the campers took an ax from a camp office, chased it and killed. The babies then emerged, possibly from the mother's pouch. They also were killed, though the young campers were unsure how, Hindman said.

One 9-year-old camper told The Dallas Morning News that the counselor went for the ax before the opossum got out of the can and that the animal did not jump on anyone. Wildlife remover Matt Evans, who deals with possums almost every day, said the animals are "very docile." He called the attack "pretty childish."

"They are extremely harmless, and really, it's not worthwhile to attack a possum," he said. Joe Ruiz, whose stepson witnessed the incident, said it was "inexcusable." "I'm not one to set punishment, but something needs to be done," he said. "Some type of action needs to be taken."

The three teenage counselors who were involved were immediately fired, but Mesquite police said the attack doesn't meet the threshold for animal cruelty charges. In Texas property owners can kill "nuisance" animals such as opossums if the animals are considered a problem.

Carmina wrote: This is a horrendous act of animal cruelty carried out by ignorant and cowardly bullies. All sentient beings feel pain. Pain and suffering isn't exclusive to humans and we should all be outraged by the murder of this mom and her babies. It represents everything that is wrong in today's society. 7/23/2009 5:47 PM CDT on ksdk.com 

Comment: What sort of barbaric society are we living in when bureaucrats endorse the killing of birds, rabbits, or any other species that supposedly interferes with human comfort, activity, or whatever else may upset us?  Even worse, are despicable and cowardly acts of animal cruelty for those just trying to live in a world overpopulated by the unstoppable human breeding machines.  People are upset that deer and other wildlife are eating their flowers, or coming into neighbourhoods looking for food, when we're the ones who've destroyed their habitat.  Recently in Euclid, Ohio, a 75-year-old woman bludgeoned a fawn to death with a shovel while in Texas a family of possums was brutally massacred by camp counsellors.  Just outside of Falkland, BC, two goats were stabbed to death and dismembered by some teenagers. 

It seems like every piece of land is being developed for one species only, us, the self-appointed 'superior' race, with no consideration being given to the multitudes of other life forms well on their way to becoming extinct or which have already been destroyed by our thoughtless and selfish actions.  We must all speak up and do something to protect those with no voice.  To say or do nothing, will stop nothing.  And to all those who can't quite make the connection that the lives of animals are just as important as we like to believe ours are, I suggest you do some real soul-searching and rid yourself of such a belief system.  It's a collective and caring voice that brings about societal and legislative change. GET POLITICAL!  WRITE TO GOVERNMENT! ANIMAL LIVES MATTER! 

Some mainstream print media, like the Edmonton Journal, the North Shore News, and the Victoria Times Colonist, aren't exactly progressive in publishing viewpoints that don't fit with editors' (known also as gatekeepers) views and beliefs.  However, there are many alternate and independent media platforms nowadays.  Use YouTube, Internet websites and messageboards, Facebook, or Twitter.  Whether it's print, radio, television, online, or mobile, be a VOICE FOR THE VULNERABLE AND INNOCENT--OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS!

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Justice for animals is the social movement of our times and we must all participate to make it a reality. It’s long overdue. Carmina Gooch

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty